Yulia Moiseeva

Website design and development
Blog integration
On-page search engine optimisation
Gold Coast, Australia
Studio Quatro was tasked with building a cohesive, international platform for English and Russian visitors in a unified and custom experience.
We worked closely with Yulia Moiseeva’s marketing team to translate the site into two languages, with fully independent content in each language being written to avoid using online language translators. In addition to the adversity, the entire website was optimised for both English and Russian keywords and coded to be responsive to all web browsers and devices.
Our team tailored the strategy based on the website’s purpose, with much of the focus being on the site’s dual language function. The team ensured the website provided a premium UX and that the code was well written to sustain a website to be used in both English and Russian.
One of the client’s main requests was to integrate a blog to give users immigration advices and updates. The blog allowed Yulia to add valuable information, as well as creating a good source of organic traffic from search engines.